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Firefighters encounter a variety of health and safety hazards in the course of their daily activities. Identifying ways to reduce this exposure whenever possible, requires constant effort. Yesterday fire personnel were able to train, without exposing themselves to harmful conditions, through the use of Virtual Reality Technology. The Kern County Fire Department would like to thank local company Cimulated VR, for providing us with this opportunity. #KCFD #firetraining
-Kern County Fire Department Facebook post

Nothing that you have seen, can prepare you for true Virtual Reality. Not even putting your cell phone in some plastic headgear.

Cimulated VR has spent the big bucks on PC's with some serious video card muscle, and the VR gear.

If you're a gamer, Try your hand at Tower Tag with your friends, or you got a thing for hitting blocks to music, try Beat Saber.

If you're not a gamer, but want a calming immersive environment, try theBlu. You'll be sitting pretty underwater, watching & interacting with fish, manta rays, two types of jellyfish, and a giant blue whale.

The guys who run it, are really cool. They take the time to answer your questions.
-James M. Wyatt, client

Cimulated VR is not what we call an arcade, it is an experience like no other. Virtual Reality is the future of gaming and the world alike. Here we bring the future to Bakersfield, California to show you that VR is only limited by your imagination. Come play games with your family, sit down and experience the beauty of the ocean and more. Compete in Esports tournaments, such as our featured game Tower Tag. But that is only half the picture. Here at Cimulated VR is a Development Studio teaching young developers and making our own content for you to experience. Once again, Virtual Reality is only limited by your imagination.
-Matthew Duncan, Cimulated VR.